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We Were Here
30th-Jun-2010 11:00 pm - We Were Here (Master Post)
Title: We Were Here
Rating: R (for language and mature themes)
Warnings: abuse, violence, swearing, implied non-con by OMCs, underage, child prostitution (no detailed graphic sexual acts), OC character death - Not as dark as this makes it sound, lol
Disclaimers: I do not support or condone any of the illegal or immoral behaviours described herein nor do I own any of the recognizable characters.
Art: HERE By velence


Spring 1994. When a silver Lexus pulls up to the curb sixteen-year-old Jensen thinks it’s just another job, thinks he’ll crawl out of the backseat with someone’s taste in his mouth, a wad of bills in his hands and another memory he doesn’t want. He thinks he’ll return to his silent and trusting Jared with someone else’s scent on his skin and tomorrow’s meal in his pocket. It’s just a job, just another job…

I first off want to thank my wonderful friend/hand-holder/cheerleader/beta/goddess, willow_fae_20. Without her constant encouragement and her willingness to look over this, I would never have gotten further than the first page. She also may have talked me out of quitting more than a few times, even if she doesn't know it. Second, I want to extend a huge thanks to my other beta, smidirini, who helped me take the raw version and shape it into something usable. Finally, I want to thank velence for the fantastic art to go along with my story. Velence captured the mood and themes of the story so perfectly, each piece of art is like a snapshot out of my own head.


Prologue | Part I | Part II | Part III | Epilogue


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30th-Jun-2010 10:58 pm - Information on Homelessness
"The upheaval these children experience means much more than not having a home - the displacement strains virtually every aspect of family life, damaging the physical and emotional health of family members, interfering with children's education and development, and frequently resulting in the separation of family members. "

Below is a list of resources about homelessness of children and families in the United StatesCollapse )
30th-Jun-2010 10:57 pm - Information on Child Prostitution
"Child prostitution is America's "dirty little secret," one that cuts across racial and socio-economic divides. As Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin observed, "It's one of those issues that doesn't get discussed and therefore there's an assumption that perhaps either it doesn't exist at all..."
-John W. Whitehead

Below is a list of resources about child prostitution in the United States and first world nationsCollapse )
30th-Jun-2010 10:56 pm - Information on Child Abuse
"The statistics on physical child abuse are alarming. It is estimated hundreds of thousands of children are physically abused each year by a parent or close relative. Thousands actually die as a result of the abuse. For those who survive, the emotional trauma remains long after the external bruises have healed."
-American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry

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